Assertive Discipline PowerPoint Presentation

How to make a Wii-mote Interactive Whiteboard

  • Wii-Mote
  • Whiteboard pen
  • Battery
  • Wires
  • Infra-red globe
  • Switch
  • Bluetooth adapter

Construction of pen - Wii-mote Pen
  • Remove the centre of the pen
  • Create a simple circuit with the battery, wires, switch and globe
  • Insert circuit into the pen and seal


  • Download the software available here:
Johnny Chung Lee's Web Page
  • Download free Interactive Whiteboard software available on the web such as eBeam Scrapbook (there are many programs available, it just takes a bit of searching for the free ones)

Working the Wii-mote Whiteboard
  • Run your laptop through a projector
  • Wii-mote will need to be recognised by computer through bluetooth
  • Mount the Wii-mote somewhere stable where it faces the board/wall and will not be jolted or moved - use a tri-pod or clamp if possible
  • Calibrate the pen and screen using the calibration program
  • The pen will work as a mouse click whenever the switch is activated within the beam of the Wii-mote
  • You now have a fully functional interactive whiteboard!!