How does Assertive Discipline look and feel in the Learning Environment?

Inclusive policy
Allows children with personal, social or mental difficulties to be managed in a mainstream classroom. Focus is on helping children learn appropriate behavioural responses, regardless of the cause of misbehavior.

Rules, Consequences, Rewards
3-5 rules devised by the class teacher to suit their individual needs.Unambiguous, observable behaviours. Displayed in a clear position in the classroom.


  • ­Follow instructions
  • Allow others to work without interruption
  • ­Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • ­No yelling, swearing or teasing
  • ­Do not leave the room without permission

To motivate students to follow the class rules, consequences and rewards are also displayed in a prominently.

Consequences (progressive)
  1. Warning
  2. 5 minute Time Out in class
  3. 5 minute Time Out at Recess
  4. Fill in Behavioural Journal – in class (goes home to parents)
  5. Principal / Parents

  • ­ Team points
  • ­ Stickers
  • ­ Individual Awards
  • ­ Class Awards
  • ­ Computer Time
  • ­ Free Time
  • ­ Sit next to a friend for a day
  • ­ Others...

May include: behaviour tracking sheet, individualized behaviour plans or contracts, reward certificates, posters promoting good behaviour, and notes to parents about their childs behaviour - both negative and positive.

Teaching Strategies
Model can be implemented successfully through a whole school because it is provides only for behaviour management strategies. The model does not dictate teaching strategies.

Efficient Physical Layout
Theorist Fred Jones - work on efficient layouts and traffic patterns works well with Canter.
Classroom setup based on the “interior loop”. Teachers can take an efficient path &“work the crowd” in the fewest steps. Respond to off task or problem behaviour very quickly.


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